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I am Alpha and Omega June 22nd, 2007

2007-06-22 , 05:09 pm
Dies Venus
Luna wx 50%v

Watching the Sun melt into the Sea on that high cliff, all alone with my dear one.

The flower and salt scents and the vivid green -green, the first color the eye is physically capable of seeing and the last to fade in dim light- blazed uncannily luminescent for a while longer after the sun disappeared. Lingering as if by its own light for a short time. The cool mist and dripping forest against the grayness of the day made bluer by the last bit of red-orange Sun. Cold wet rocks, moss, shed feathers on the trail. Only birds and moving leaves and surf for sound.

Right there in that small span of time that semed to unravel itsefl into ages (& held precious for it’s brevity upon our return to the clock), as in other similar times a deep something leaps up and declares that there is no other place to be. That here is the edge of the World, the edge you travel to in order to converse with what lives beyond, to get yourself a little stretched. The place you of necessity separate yourself from others to seek out and be alone with. In order to slow down to be able to hear a fragment of the Word of a mountain, a river, the sea. A Word that has been being said for a hundred million years or more, and will continue being pronounced for a hundred million to come.

The opportunity for this is constantly available. It fortifies against despair and rekindles your lamp.
Seek it out, it won’t disappoint.

June 19th, 2007

2007-06-19, 04:46 pm

I hold a finished piece in my hand. It is what it is because I made it so. It would not have come into being were it not for me.
I regard a whole chorusof 36 in wild, highly stylized period wigs singing and dancing away in the tavern in Faust, and the shelves holding the other 24 wigs in the show. That nuance of that vivid (albeit epehemeral) world exists because I made it so.
I regard my home and working space, and consider what it took to stabilize my position in such a circumstance. I maintain that.
I perform the actions and vibrate the words of power in a working, and feel the power flow out and back, and out again. I can do this because I made it so.
I can feel my firming arm and leg muscles. They are that way because I made them so.
Because of me, a small number of initiates got their introduction to a particular set of formal mysteries of which I am a lineage-holder.
Because of me, matter is transformed and takes on new life and becomes more relevant to those of my kind.
Because of me, ideas cross the gap and become things, and the word is made flesh.

xaipe B soteira

V.I.T.R.I.O.L. June 18th, 2007

2007-06-18, 04:55 pm
Dies Luna
Luna wx 16%v

I used to have a bit of a problem with the “rectificando” part of this formula. I took exception to the implication that anything in its natural state needs improving, or to be made “right” by human intervention, the human being the one to determine what constitutes “right” (most of the time, right = more useful to a person). Changed, made more pleasing, made functional, made more dynamic, mobile, sure. More evolved? Well, not so sure about that. DIfferent though, surely, according to one’s ideas enacted.

Any of these interactions between operator and materials is a collaboration. Anyone with even the slightest bit of sensitivity knows that.

However, more and more I am coming to see this part of that formula as referring to the operator at least as much as the material. I look, I penetrate it with my conscious observations and physical explorations. What I discover, what the material shows me in its glorious self-being rectifies any notions, hypotheses I may have begun with. It communicates a little more about the World-as-it-is in its thusness. It tells me about how it & I can interface, and what sorts of third-things can come of our intercourse- those “hidden stones” that would remain forever hidden to me were it not for our interaction.

xaire Babalon soteira!

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