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Three views/renderings of IAO

October 27th, 2010


In my action is the death of the unlimited.

It breaks into an infinite number of reflective shards, each whole in itself, at my going.

Thus I proceed through the forest of Worlds.

rendering 1: IAO/LVX/INRI as process, narrative

IAO as a formula of evolution through time. The unit of time involved and the POV varies in accordance with which rendering of IAO is used.

I= Isis: nature, the individual undifferentiated from its surroundings

A= Apophis: the ruinaiton thereof, destruction

O= Osiris: reassembly out of the waste, resurrection of the new & improved body

related to the formula of INRI – Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra, nature is renewed by fire

Principal formula of the dying and resurrecting gods, and the formula of the journey of innocence to experience (the rose on the cross, or the serpent in the tree)

The signs LVX as used in the lesser ritual of the hexagram, if placed in a timeline within the formula, occur within the field of A.  L, the sign of the mourning of Isis would not occur until the slaying, neither would the Sign of Apophis (V) or that of Osiris Slain (X). Osiris slain transitions smoothly into Osiris Risen (X to +) as the field of A transitions into the field of O.

The individual begins in a “natural” state of innocence, is acted upon by some catastrophe that destroys the characteristic form of said individual, and through some mysterious process the individual reconstitutes itself in a new and improved form.

This new and improved form is again natural or innocent to the effects of other types of catastrophe not yet experienced that it in future may encounter and suffer death/dissolution/resurrection all over again. This aspect of the formula, its automatic -reset- is not explicitly shown or spelled  in the formula though it does occur without fail. Crowley’s additions both in the VIAOV formula and in the Star Sapphire bring this aspect to full consciousness and action, effectively closing the spiral of initiation/evolution traveled by the operator of the ritual.

Here the scene is that of an individual in an environment, encountering things outside of self that drastically impact that self. “Reality.”

This is also the story of the object and its making, but the composer is still the ghost in the machine, the invisible hand in the process.

rendering 1, view 1:

The third (Osiris) as individual who comes through or out-of the first two situations/environments/states of being (Isis-natural sustenance and comfort; succor and Apophis- siege, ordeal) to establish itself as a distinct entity partaking of the natures of both as a result of traversing the territories of “I ” and “not-I”.

rendering 1, view 2:

As mystical process (contrasted with the magical process), I and O are one being that has come through the trials of the second (A). Being-suffering-transcendence.

rendering 1, view 3:

Magical initiation via shock/annihilation. INRI = Iustum Necar Reges Impios “It is Just to Kill an Impious King”

The first (I) is the “black brother”, the willfully self-limited “I” sealed off from the world

The “I” is struck by the thunderbolt of sufficiently powerful phenomena, of “truth”, shattering the “I”

The “I” is no more, but has become O, nothing and all

*Not explicit in the spelling of the formula: By mysterious means the essence of the former “I” is reformulated as a seed within the O and grows into another new “I”, purified and re-assembled. The “Secret Savior IAO”

This is initiation without conscious consent (though always unconsciously accepted and engaged), the kind that most frequently happens, the violence and devastation of which varies to a greater or lesser extent.

rendering 1, view 4:

Modeled on the procession of the Aeons with reference to the supposed understanding of the reproductive process characteristic of each age. Change in order of letters.

I – Aeon of Isis: parthenogenesis, one sex generates

O- Aeon of Osiris: sexual reproduction, two sexes separated bodily unite to generate

A- Aeon of Horus/Apophis: two sexes in one body, individual as a continuum of being is self-generative

Too easy to oversimplify or confuse the planes. The differences in the ages are not chronological physical facts of evolutionary “improvements” or even of the beliefs of humans. In its own plane/sphere, each view is accurate and exists out of time. I do not find this model terribly useful except as an illustration of increasingly independent, mobile, and volatilized consciousness.

rendering 2: IAO as formula of generation

IAO as the Holy Family-

I the Father

O the Mother

A the Child

A naming of the operators of the formula of sexual generation. The “who” as previous descriptions say “how”. The I of the father impregnates the O of the mother resulting in A, the child. The sex of the child is undeveloped and so inactive. The generative powers are only potentials that will emerge in time.

A positive, outflowing force, I

A negative, receptive field of potential; form, O

The conjunction of these two producing a third thing exhibiting characteristics of both parents, but unique unto itself, A. As a result of its inheritance, A is endowed with the power of motion and a body to move and act upon other things with, a being that can go.

rendering 3- IAO as glyph of the event

The operator I and the operator O when united create and issue the components necessary to make the environment, the  field in which A exists and moves. A is the “what” inside the event performed by I and O.  A is the signifier of the magical force begetting itself upon itself. Like philosophic mercury, it is both the catalyst and the product of I the interaction of the opposite forces represented by I and O.

In terms of human physical sexuality and sex magick, I and O are the phallus and kteis respectively, the vessels bearing the components of this power. A is the philosopher’s stone produced when they are brought together in a particular manner. It bestows immortality as it is immortal and self-begetting.

I am Alpha and Omega”

Incarnation of a human being may or may not be the point/result. There are so very many other possibilites (and actualities) that this is merely the most obvious . I do not believe it to be exclusively heterosexual. The weapons of the operator may differ, but if a suitable field for A is created then A will appear. It is more versatile than is supposed, I think. To paraphrase, “It dwells in its own palaces”.

– – – –

These three renderings illustrate IAO as evolution, as origin, and as a description of the principal players in the ongoing drama of the phenomenal world.


IAO notes II:

A word can sound exactly the same coming from two different mouths, yet can have vastly different meaning and effect. This is obvious for spoken and written language. Why shouldn’t be true also for magical formulae?
The potency comes from a place beyond the word, and is a thing which directed force uses the word-sounds (and shape if written) as vehicle. That potency I trust. The word, not so much, unless it’s coming out of my own mouth. The nature of the power transmitted must be in harmony with the word in sound and shape, but there’s a LOT of flex in there.
ex: IAO as a fulcrum word- solidly and soundly a formula of the dying and resurrecting gods, as well as that of the hero’s journey, as well as an expression of the nature of an immortal, self-fertilizing, omnipresent being. And several other things as well. Rather than devalue the word, the multiple uses/interpretations vitalize it.

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