Bonnie makes a wig

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(A very simplified outline of one way a basic wefted wig is made.)

Prior to making the pattern on the block or the wig foundation pieces,m a pattern is taken directly from the person’s head. This is done with plastic wrap, tape, and marked with a sharpie marker. The pattern is removed fromt he person’s head and placed over a block and padded out to recreate the person’s exact head shape. Pattern pieces for the foundation are then made from this head-shaped model for a perfect fit.

Next, the foundaiton is pinned back on the block and construction begins:

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Seams and hem turnovers are stitched down by hand with a small hook. For a wefted wig, the hair wefting is then carefully sorted by color and is added by rows to the foundation.

Once the designated areas are covered by wefting, the foundation is removed and wig lace is added to the front hairline and forehead area. The “lace front” is tailored to the shape of the forehead and hairline and the wefted foundation is reattached and sewn to the lace front.

Then the lace area is ventilated (hand-tied with a hook) with loose hair in knots of one single to three hairs. The hair is tied following the pattern’s outline of the person’s natual hairline for a realistic look and movement.

The completed wig can then be unpinned from the block and is ready for styling and stage wear.