magic studio
2007-06-19, 04:46 pm

I hold a finished piece in my hand. It is what it is because I made it so. It would not have come into being were it not for me.
I regard a whole chorusof 36 in wild, highly stylized period wigs singing and dancing away in the tavern in Faust, and the shelves holding the other 24 wigs in the show. That nuance of that vivid (albeit epehemeral) world exists because I made it so.
I regard my home and working space, and consider what it took to stabilize my position in such a circumstance. I maintain that.
I perform the actions and vibrate the words of power in a working, and feel the power flow out and back, and out again. I can do this because I made it so.
I can feel my firming arm and leg muscles. They are that way because I made them so.
Because of me, a small number of initiates got their introduction to a particular set of formal mysteries of which I am a lineage-holder.
Because of me, matter is transformed and takes on new life and becomes more relevant to those of my kind.
Because of me, ideas cross the gap and become things, and the word is made flesh.

xaipe B soteira