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the oracle has spoken, and

2008-11-02, 06:09 pm
Nox Solis
Luna wx 20%v

Risk is the card I have to play, and Gods know after a few years of learning conservation and repair and caution, and the valuing of material resources it is terrifying to contemplate even risking a fraction of what has been so hard to gather in. When the eyes are closed, the image and vertigo sensation of myself literally stepping off a cliff sets in.

Question: Is this something I bring on myself, or will this happen whether I go willingly or not? I know what the books tell me but I doubt everything lately. Finding it difficult to believe in anything I have not experienced, and attempts at examining memories of previous similar experiences comes up obscured or nothing at all.

Some confusion over the relationship of risk to discipline (and ambition/aspiration) and what that means in the world of action. Contrary to initial conceptual impressions rising out of both words, one requires the other. To those two add a third point, that of discrimination (which would be the base of the triangle).

12/21/08 Sunrise, 7:50am
House 1
Sol        0*Cap 9′
Pluto     0*Cap 52′
*(Mars  0*Sag 25′ into the 12th)
Jupiter  26*Cap 34′

House 2
Venus       15*Aq 43′
Chiron      17*Aq 44′
Neptune   22*Aq 8′
Uranus     18*Pi 59′

House 8
Saturn    21*Vir 40′

House 9
Luna     26*Lib 0′ (wn  27%v, near zenith)

House 12
Mars     25*Sag 46′