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1) “It is an indispensable element of human pride to believe that who somebody is transcends in greatness and importance anything he can do and produce…Only the vulgar will condescend to derive their pride from what they have done; they will, by this condescension, become the “slaves and prisoners” of their own faculties, and will find out , should anything more be left in them than sheer stupid vanity, that to be one’s own slave and prisoner is no less bitter and perhaps even more shameful than to be the servant of somebody else. It is not the glory but the predicament of the creative genius that in his case the superiority of man to his work seems indeed inverted, so that he, the living creator, finds himself in competition with his creations which he outlives, although they may survive him eventually. the saving grace of all really great gifts is is that the persons who bear their burden remain superior to what they have done, at least as long as the source of creativity is alive; for this source springs indeed from who they are and remains outside the actual work process as well as independent from what they may achieve.”

-Hannah Arendt, “The Human Condition”, Ch.5.29: Action

2) plural, fertile, and mortal / “…one, indivisible, and eternal…” I believe the substance and sum of my life to be the former just as much as the latter. Really I do, if we want to sully the concepts with words that way. The way to the stars is also down.

3) Resin tests begun yesterday yielding positive results so far. Gearing up for tech, so there will be a break in that work.¬† Not all that worried about losing the momentum, though, as I have been before. Worked a bit on the photography setup yesterday, refining and learning more about the lighting. Happy about how it’s all going, though I wish I could have had the site a bit further along by now. Oh well. Will hit it next chance I get.

4) The action of modern economies has volatilized the fixed nature of wealth that had prevailed for millennia. How to re-fix some of the volatile; is it really just a trick of perception and social agreement?

5) A person desiring to be truly of the land where they live should eat locally/regionally  for seven years. In that time, every cell in the human body is replaced. After following an exclusively local/regional diet for that period of time, the body will be literally made of the place.