Dies Saturnus

Luna wx 68%v

Hand-set four 4mm stones into the disk yesterday, took my time about it. They were¬† two pair of Indian amethysts and garnets, both nice and rich in color but not too dark. Used the burnisher and for once did not manage to jab it into one of my fingers. Then I set about burnishing the thick fine silver surface on the obverse. Want a mirror-like finish with a little tooth to the surface. Managed a subtle “linen weave” texture by linear application of the burnisher and am pretty happy with that. The sigil form stands out clearly, that part unburnished and still frosty.

Also polished the mirror in the well on the reverse, did a bit of sanding and refining. I think two more sessions and this piece will be ready. It is small but has some nice heft to it.

Decided to cut the ivory legs on the base, they’re just not right. I am sure I will use them somewhere else. Have another pair of options in mind.

Then it’s on to the home stretch for the garter buckles! I feel the excitement for that project returning to me, very good timing for the upcoming break from work.