talisman 11/30/10

Dies Mars, Hora Sol

Luna wn 28%v

Disk Talisman for S

bronze 220, copper, sterling silver, brass

5cm x .35 cm / 2 in x .12 in.

obverse: bronze, copper, silver.  Wings pierced and lifted slightly from disk plane along leading edge.

reverse: etched copper

This talisman was created for a sound designer preparing to take his work to the next stage. He has applied for designers’ union membership and is planning a move across country.

The obverse is a glyph of the Solve et Coagula formula. The four wings form a widdershins swastika, a whirling force of dissolution and release. In the next circle inwards and moving in the opposite direction, the motto VIRTUS UNITA FORTIOR- “United Virtue is Stronger” refers to his singularity of desire, focus, and action in accordance with will. The motto reads sunwise, a motion of growth and manifestation. In the center, an opening, a gate. The four stars represent the four royal stars of the Solstices and Equinoxes.

The reverse is a depiction of the various spheres and influences in play for the desired outcome. As lack of connection was stated as the main obstacle to the goal, here each sphere is shown connected to each other sphere. The layout of the connecting “cables” makes a pattern reminiscent of waves, that the patterns of communication between the spheres may have a strong and rhythmic flow.