Dali & Moneta

Dies Saturnus

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“The simplest way of refusing any concession to gold is to have some oneself. With gold it becomes quite unnecessary to “engage oneself”.[work for hire under direction] A hero does not engage himself anywhere! He is the very opposite of a servant. One really must have teeth covered with Sartre not to dare to speak like this! So let us be prudent, as Saint-Granier recommends, if we want to permit ourselves to be Nietzchean. All the concrete values of modern painting will remain eternally translatable on the material level into that thing that I personally have always loved: money!

“In compensation, the pure critics who have consistently despised money and been afraid to dirty their hands by touching it may rest assured: the abstract values that they defend in modern paintings will inevitably be converted into absolutely clean, wholly inoffensive and immaterial money. It will be purely abstract money.”

-Salvador Dali, 1956  (from Dali on Modern Art, French & English transl. Haakon Chevalier)


(“As everybody knows, Andre Breton baptised Dali “Avida Dollars”. Dali claims that this anagram was his talisman which made “the rain of dollars fluid, gentle and monotonous.” -Chevalier, ibid.)