Dies Venus

Luna wn 57%

Two-dimensional symbols in the personal plane (that which exists in self-conscious and accounted time and space) in the dailies:

XXV: post-invocations, the form on the floor is a diamond.

XXXVI: the eastern point is drawn inwards and becomes identical with the center point. The form resembles the heart symbol.

The central axis remains the same (personal/transpersonal).


This morning has been a good one in the studio. Am working on the silver lock since I’m still waiting for machinery parts to be made for the other project and use of the electroforming lab at school has become…complicated. I made internal parts yesterday and spent most of this morning sanding and filing and fitting. It’s slow and repetitive, but I love this part. It’s the part where I really get to know the piece intimately, something I lose appreciation for when rushed. This is the time when the piece tells me what it wants to be (because I’m quiet enough inside to hear it).

Complexity and multi-layeredness (is there a better word for that?  surely. ) do not automatically inspire confusion. It’s transparency and acceptance of what has been revealed by looking, really looking, that grants peace whatever the shape(s) of things. Even if mysterious. Especially if mysterious. The harmonizing faculty is the redeemer, the beginnings of “rectificando” in the VITRIOL formula.