proper sacrifice

Dies Venus

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Answers, phase I (Mysteria Maxima, the BIG economy):

What have I to offer You, Who are the source and end of all things?

motion, action, a unique tracing on the surface of space.
an arrangement, a choice; beauty.
your question.

What is the worthy offering, the proper sacrifice?

it may not be known until it is done
stand up, go, begin.
fall. find out.



Answers, phase II (Mousai Titanides):

What is the worthy offering, the proper sacrifice?

MNEME : honoring the (re)sources with proper reference/credit, submission to instruction, teaching what you have to offer

MELETE : work and persistence in the work, toil and labor in the studio (improving skill and actualizing the imagined)

AOIDE : allowing one’s own completed art to circulate out in the world, monthly “dues”, the sum of life-energy in the form of material or social resources committed to the work that may have been used for other things

ARETE : active truth in practice, integrity and what that may cost