6g zero

Sol in Capricorn

Luna wx in Aquarius, 5%v

Dies Luna, Horae Mars-Sol-Venus



Remelted some scrap fine silver I had, adding in shreds of two half-coins I accidentally made from the first batch of zeroes to make 6g, twice the mass of the previous strikes.

Used a charcoal briquet (non-kerosene-embedded) that I leveled and dug a pit into for the melting. It seemed to work ok- a little snappier than the compressed hard charcoal brick I got from the jewelers’ supplier because it had some shreds of wood in it, but once it got cooking it worked pretty well.

Annealed and struck three times to yield a coin  16.5 x 2mm (approx. 5/8 x 1/16 inches) in dimension, filling the smaller of the two mint collars.

Also struck the electrum zero with my maker’s mark and then burnished around the mark. This marking (since it’sthe one I’ll keep for myself) felt right. Still unsure about marking any of the silver zeroes.