on the bench- a.a.i.

Work on the disk continues…

Next, the interlocking inlay pieces for the Khepera and Sun obverse are cut and filed (and filed, and filed) until they fit tightly together. The Sun disk is a slice of narwhal horn, and the wheel-corona is made of a thin slice of ebony.




These pieces are then test-fit onto the foundation disk. Their outlines are marked, and a cavity is routed to allow the inlays to seat down firmly into the (itself inlaid) recess.




Once adjusted and fit, The narwhal horn pieces are fixed in place, and the floor of the “grub cave” is covered with a mix of red woods similar to what constitutes the inlaid red circle at the perimeter. The wheel and scarab are installed next, and the process of final refinement and cleanup begins.


The installation and rough carving of the heart panel on the reverse has just been done in this image.


The same side after more refinement and polishing. The silver signature cartouche is visible at the bottom.