Lenormand Trio netsuke and ojime sets

They’re finished!!

Three sashi style netsuke and their accompanying ojime beads, each depicting a three-card combination from the Lenormand Oracle deck.

Material details for each found here.

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Card Meanings

Reading the Lenormand deck, one only interprets the meaning of a card in context with the other cards drawn with it. Each individual card has a variety of meanings, the correct one for any particular layout being determined by the compositon of the whole. Some basic core interpretations of the cards depicted in the netsuke, however, can be given:

Clover: a stroke of luck, opportunity, a winning situation, a happy surprise, a prankster or jokester

Sun: yes, victory, attainment of a goal, recognition, radiance, a leader

Key: revelation, an explanation or answer, security, something significant, vital, a correct choice


Tree: grounded growth, connecting with your roots, good health, religious or spiritual matters, heritage, slow but sure development

Book: study, education, the as-yet unknown, a project, an investigation, writing, secrets, a teacher

Heart: love, attraction, harmony, a good outcome, dedication, passion, activism


Bear: a large sum of money, investments, financial matters, maternal authority, stability, strength; a protector

Fish: abundance, entrepreneurialism, a lot of something, adapting, opening out, a positive change, being in “flow”

Stars: the big picture, blessings from above, calm and serenity, inspiration, helpful guidance, the light in the night, vastness