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Dies Mercurius

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Yesterday I made a ring for an actor with whom I have had the good fortune to work with for the past fifteen years. He is the very embodiment of one who has given his life for the past thirtyish years at least, quite literally, to Dionysos. (one obvious giveaway comes with a glance at his nose, but that’s the most minor evidence)

He is a superb actor and has the VOICE. Any by the voice, I mean when he speaks in that bass you cannot help but listen. Even low, at regular conversation volume, the ground shakes a little. He’s one of the kindest most naturally noble people I’ve ever met. He is and always has been of very modest means because he just can’t do the schmooze thing. By his own amused admission, it just feels unnatural and he never bothered to learn how. Lives in the city, but is definitely a wild thing.

The ring is a double layer silver fuck ’em up ring, and fit his left pinky perfectly. I’m glad because sizing it was a complete guess. He teared up when I gave it to him and  said he’d wear it to his grave, which I think is the best compliment on my work I can ever hope to receive. Kind of puts everything else in perspective.

I thank him for his example, so brave and powerful, self-possessed in his Art.
I wish him continuing vivid, meaningful life and a beautiful death.