state of the work

Dies Solis

Luna wn 97%v


1) Finished three pieces this week: the JB disk, the main TK garter buckle, and the first of the medals, aspiration. Roaring into three more: the other two somewhat simpler garter buckles (UO and MK), the sterling honeycomb padlock, and a talisman for a coworker. A seal disk for Khars is also exerting some pressure on my mind’s eye as well. We shall see. If I can get seven pieces done over this break and have a productive workshop at OCAC, I will be very happy.

The two buckles can possibly wait since they are not due until near the end of January, but if I can do them now so much the better.

Was reminded that cellulose acts as a catalyst in CA glues, and in some epoxy resins. Addition of jet dust to resin mix made it heat up and cure FAST. Faster than I could get it on the piece! Good to know.

2) Really have to do some work on the website. Just because it’s functional right now doesn’t mean it’s done. But I don’t waaaannaaaaa….

3) Have yet to get that intro & inquiry letter ready to send out to the first wave of prospective mentors. Why am I dragging my feet on this?

4) Ordered my own supply of nitric acid for etching silver plus asphaltum for the resist. It’s hotter than the other acid I use for copper & bronze at home (ferric nitrate chloride) so more care will be necessary. I tried being cheap and trying liquid resist wax that is usually used for ceramics resist but of course that didn’t want to stick to the metal and probably would have melted in the acid anyway. Oh well, at least I tried it. $3 sounded a lot better than $16 plus hazardous shipping charges, but if the cheaper stuff doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. No haggling over the black hen.

5) No work on the tarot pages. I thought I’d do a card a day, but other projects and work elbowed their way into that time slot.

6) Unconscious seems to be completely fixated on circles lately. The form is just THERE, behind everything else in my imagination, like a tired rhino that has decided to make a couch of the back of my mind. I’m not arguing with the rhino.

7) reading/research: rereading MTP, more sources for the $ project, continuing in the Arendt.

Library list: Eliade’s Sacred and Profane, a couple of art & business/law books, an MC Richards book of essays on art, ethics & community and some fiction.

It’s all been delightfully relevant and is kicking my ass.

8 ) Home with T all week, running around with him and hearing a lot of music, seeing a couple of plays. Has been just wonderful- I could get used to this, and I will miss it when I start the next show as I always do. I used to be sad about the fact that our personal circles did not overlap as much as they used to. Now I see they overlap even more, in different areas.

9) In touch with a friend and fellow artist who happens to be in-state for a little while this & next month. Excited to finagle a way to see her & trade adventure stories : )

10) Everything’s fine. I should draw more.