Dies Mercurius

Luna wn 78%v

1) Finally drafted the basic mentorship/instructor inquiry letter. I think it is pretty good, but am letting it sit for a day or two before editing further. It says what I want it to without telling my whole life story. Next- order and refine list of persons of interest. Make list of people who I know aren’t necessarily possibilities themselves but who may know someone who fits the bill to forward my inquiry on to, and a list comprised of artists to approach directly. Modify letter accordingly.

2) RACC website- calls for artists links page and other resources- bookmarked! From reading about a dozen show prospecti and entry forms I now have a better idea about what I need to have to be ready to enter a show (varies) and what I need to have to be ready to approach galleries for representation (at least one series of 10-12 pieces & good photos thereof). I’m still a ways away from having a decent 10-12 piece series made. That will likely be the next thing to accomplish once the current projects are done.

3) Have been getting a good deal of work done in the sketchbook and the studio, though I feel like I’m sitting on my butt in front of the computer screen or with my nose in books a whole heck of a lot. While I’ve balanced my time navigation in making, the next fun bit will be balancing research & wrtiting (& digesting that) time. I include work on the website and continuing legal/contractual, gallery and show research in that latter category along with research related to the conceptual part of making the work.