Dies Mercurius

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Studying Samekh again last night, happened to re-read the scholion and was surprised at how much of it didn’t register the last time through. It drove home the point that it really does hinge upon one’s capacity to reach and hold certain states, the ability to shape/push energy around, and the intensity of one’s ardor. The anatomy & personal sensate experience question is still a valid one when getting down to the practicalities of doing it, but really that’s a problem to be worked out by the student. It’s not really the instructor’s job to do that for them, even if he’s a real genius.

Next I’ll be looking at the GD Bornless ritual, the stele of Jeu, revisiting the Abramelin book and checking out V&V for the account of the aethyr where C receives detailed instructions in the method of K&C. The study of these rituals has a twofold benefit: 1) the enrichment of my knowledge on the subject and 2) as I read the parts, often it becomes clear to me as I read each section what the appropriate thing for my circumstance is. Sometimes right down to the exact wording of a line. This is meshing perfectly with the Muse studies.

Picked up more Eliade yesterday & read the introduction for Sacred & Profane. Hierophany = art that is doing its job. All of a sudden the term “hierophant” has been redeemed in my regard  : )  Exoteric religion, somewhat, as well.

Today I go to a workshop on fund raising for artists that I hope will be helpful, though I won’t be too disappointed if the topic is a little more advanced than where I’m at right now. I can always take good notes and tuck them away for later when I need them.

There is only one thing to do, and ten thousand ways to do it. How fortunate!