Dies Venus

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After going at it in fits and starts, finally clicked into something of a steady daily drawing practice. One hour a day, and I can take one day a week off. This will form the third point of a three-point daily regimen that includes the temple work and the brand new binder into which will be put one project narrative + budget analysis per day. There is a slight variance in how strict I will be about doing these – ritual dailies every day without exception, drawing six days a week with an occasional five day week allowable, project narrative exercise 4-6 days a week allowable but shooting for daily. Melete will be a constant presence. With some luck, hopefully also Thesis/Metis.

The minimum time required for these things is completely manageable:

  • basic ritual dailies- 15 minutes
  • daily drawing – 1 hour
  • project narrative exercise – 15 minutes

The actual studio work (Melete), research, outreach/networking(Mneme), display and documentation (Aoide) times are separate things from the above and will take as much time as I can find to give them. If As it all comes together, Thelxinoe will escort the completed works into the world : )

Drew a single pear multiple times for an hour last night and boy was it ever boring. Until it stopped being boring when I remembered how to look at it properly. Then it was just hard work. I’m rusty.

Preliminary invocations and the visual form of the working circle are coming along. I’m playing with several variations now but I feel it will coalesce and settle well soon. I’ve been doing so much solve over the past few years it’s finally time for some coagula to happen.