Khars Disk

Dies Venus

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Khars Disk

ebony, bloodwood, bronze 220, sterling silver, yellow brass, camel bone, emeralds, human molar (artist’s), gold-filled head pins, resin, piano key ivory

6 x 6 x 1.2 cm (2.4 x 2.4 x 0.5 in.)



Reliquary well face with four wings of carved camel bone. In the well are a hummingbird, white-handled knife, and a a section of wisdom tooth I had extracted some years ago.  The white handled knife is about 3/4″ long. Its blade is forged and sharpened sterling silver, its handle made of piano key ivory with brass rivets.  The hummingbird is about 4mm across and was hand carved from sheet brass with small knives and files under magnification.


Sigil face on sunburst edged with clawed rays, “emerald necklace” of seven 4mm Indian emeralds set with gold pins in silver cups.



Binding cord with three knots carved into the third face of the disk circumscribing both the sigil and reliquary well sides.